Land reform under new leadership – both risk and opportunity

June 19

ALL ASPECTS OF land reform are complex and emotive. Throughout history and across geographies, people’s ties to the land are closely linked to their own cultural identity and economic position, and are often fraught with periods of upheaval. In South Africa this is profoundly complicated by our colonial and apartheid history, legacies that have always […]

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Why cash can be the riskiest asset of all

April 9

When you consider the biggest risk to your wealth – Every investor would have heard of equity and listed property referred to as ‘risk assets’. They would also have seen a graph which shows the relative risk of different asset classes, with cash at the bottom as the ‘lowest risk’ and equity at the top […]

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Let SARS help you pay for retirement

April 9

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) wants to help you pay for your retirement. The way in which they do this is by offering generous tax deductions when you make contributions to your retirement annuity (RA), pension or provident fund. On 1 March 2016, the tax deductions for retirement savings increased from 15% to 27.5% – which means you can […]

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The Impact Of VAT

March 28

– On The Ordinary South African There is a massive gap in the country’s finances, to put it bluntly. South Africa has an R48-billion hole in the fiscus that needs to be filled, and part of Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba’s solution in the previous 2018 Budget speech was to push up value-added tax (VAT) by […]

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To B or not to B – (Bitcoin)

January 8

The value of bitcoin The total market value of all bitcoins is US$80bn, which is more than the value of Richemont and triple the value of Anglo American. It is the topic on which we currently receive the most questions from clients. In this article, Jacques Plaut discusses how we would apply our valuation techniques […]

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The solution to your resolutions

January 5

New Years Resolutions #1 Do you need a financial adviser or not? As the year turns, many investors are looking back on favourable results in 2017 . Will the party continue in 2018? Or will the bears take away the punch bowl? No one can know. But what can be known is that savvy financial planning will pay off […]

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Surviving Independence

August 15

Surviving as an independent financial advisor will be dependent on having a great business model. Many people recognise the value of truly independent financial advice. An advisor that is not tied to any specific product providers can offer a range of solutions from different sources and is more likely to be free from conflicts of […]

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Investor behaviour

April 26

Your journey as an investor started with a plan on day one. Uncertainty has the ability to make one forget about the plan which made so much sense initially. It is for this reason that it is necessary to look at the plan and the principles used to construct your portfolio to achieve your goals. […]

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April 5

This week , S&P cut South Africa’s long-term foreign currency debt rating to one notch below investment grade. The local currency rating was also cut but remains investment grade. The outlook was kept as negative: Long-term foreign currency rating cut to BB+ from BBB- Long-term local currency rating cut to BBB- from BBB   Below is […]

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Cabinet Reshuffle

March 31

JOHANNESBURG – Political parties have furiously reacted to President Jacob Zuma’s Cabinet reshuffle, with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rejecting the changes outright and the South African Communist Party (SACP) warning new appointees to think twice before stealing from the public purse. Zuma has fired Pravin Gordhan from the Ministry of Finance and replaced him […]

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