Salvo Cautious Solution

Portfolio Objective

The primary investment objective of the portfolio is to provide the investor with long term growth that aims to outperform its benchmark of the average low equity manager in South Africa over any 12 month rolling period, irrespective of prevailing market conditions and economic cycles. It will invest in a combination of equity, property, bonds, cash, alternative assets and offshore assets as regulated by regulation 28. The portfolio will be managed within a conservative risk profile and emphasis will be on the management of volatility within a predictable band.

Investment Strategy

The performance of this portfolio is linked to a combination of South African Collective Investment schemes. Managers are blended in the portfolio with the objective to optimise the portfolio from a risk adjusted return point of view. The portfolio is managed within a moderate risk profile with a targeted volatility of between 3- 6% while targeting a return of 8-12% per annum.

  • Salvo Cautious
  • Low Equity Ave

Performance Summary

Salvo CautiousLow Equity Ave
Annualised performance since inception10.77%8.71%
Return YTD4.47%4.96%
Standard deviation annualised2.95%3.19%
Downside deviation annualised1.79%2.10%
Maximum drawdown-2.30%-2.18%
Sharpe ratio1.580.81
Sortino ratio2.591.23
Upside Capture of Low Equity returns112%
Downside Capture of Low Equity returns29%

Asset Allocation

  • Equity
  • Property
  • Bonds
  • Cash
  • Offshore Equity
  • Offshore Property
  • Offshore Bonds
  • Offshore Cash

Monthly Performance Summary