Our Story

Wealth is more than money; wealth is security, stability and ability. At Salvo Capital we are independent wealth-builders who understand the emotion associated with prosperity. Building wealth is more than just providing for the here and now; it is setting in motion a series of activities that will have a rippling effect for generations to come. Salvo Capital acts with intent in order to bring about actions that will achieve positive results for individual clients.

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When founding director and investment pioneer Theo Oosthuizen set the Salvo Capital ship sailing in 2004, he was the only man on board. Later he was joined by like-minded fellow director, namesake and eldest son Theodor Oosthuizen, whom shared his passion and vision of skilfully guiding their clients through often choppy financial waters.

Salvo Capital is based on the philosophy of intent and we embrace our responsibility to manage client investment with care and diligence, to find direct, special solutions. The independent financial advisors at Salvo Capital take our responsibility as custodians seriously; not only of our clients’ assets, but also of their as well as their families’ future.

Sound investments require time. Over time, one small action, executed with intent, will create an ever-widening circle of effect. As there is a certain amount of risk involved in building wealth, professional expertise is invaluable. Salvo Capital is uniquely capable of facing these challenges through a single-minded focus on detail. At Salvo Capital, we are the embodiment of the wisdom that knowledge is power. It is only by being prepared and by consistently collecting, interpreting and analysing all available data in order to take calculated risks that we can ensure a positive emotional experience of wealth-building for our clients. We know that building wealth is a science, but that experiencing wealth is an emotion.

Facing troubled times also entails knowing when the right thing to do is to do nothing. Salvo Capital’s wealth-builders have the courage and the conviction not to act when doing so will not result in long-term benefits for our clients. Our integrity and ethical principles are paramount to our approach to building wealth.

Salvo Capital operates from the knowledge that we are looking after individuals. We understand that people’s circumstances are as different as their finger prints and that there are no one-size-fits all solutions. Salvo Capital is committed to building individual long-term relationships which will not only benefit the client in the current climate, but will be beneficial for generations to come. We are sincere in giving our clients our undivided attention to their needs as we fully comprehend that people connect with other people, not companies or services.

When it comes to our clients’ financial future, Salvo Capital is a beacon that allows clients to explore without giving up the benefit of a trustworthy guiding light.

At Salvo Capital we act with intent: bespoke solutions for specific individuals in order to build lasting wealth.

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Our intent is to be a recognised institution known for changing people’s lives by building wealth for generations to come.



We act with intent in order to provide trustworthy independent financial advice tailored for individuals and with the purpose of building lasting wealth. We are accountable to ourselves, our clients, the financial services sector and statutory regulations that determine our actions.

Our Values



We take care of the current and future financial stability of our clients by protecting their assets as if our own.


We work with money; therefore being upfront about our intentions is not negotiable. The client has to trust our actions implicitly.


Respect is similarly a long-term investment. The results will only become clear long after the initial values were invested.


Courage is more than being able to take calculated risks; it is also the ability to know when to walk away.

Our Team


  • Theo Oosthuizen

    Founding Director

    B Agric
    Diploma Portfolio Management
    MBA │ CFP

  • Theodor Oosthuizen


    Wealth Advisor
    B Comm │ Hons


      Short-Term Advisor

      Candidate Higher Certificate NQF4

    • ARNé BOTHA

      Portfolio Manager │ SIM

      Certificate in Financial Planning
      CAIA  , RFP

    • Nadia Bester

      Service Account Manager

      Investments │ NQF 4

      • Annalie Steenekamp


        NQF 4

        • Mari Bester

          Service Account Assistant

          Life Insurance │ NQF 4

          • Liza Erwee

            Service Account Assistant

            Investments │ NQF 4

            We are independent wealth builders


            Company Description

            Salvo Capital specialises in independent professional financial advice for individuals through fully qualified financial advisors and products that are optimised for building wealth in the long term.

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            Salvo Capital is a South African category two financial services practice, which affords it the mandate to operate as independent financial advisors and asset managers in the local and international financial sector in terms of a set of principles determined by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

            By acting as independent advisors Salvo Capital is able to act as mediators between clients and corporate financial services institutions. This independence affords Salvo Capital the ability to present a tailor-made portfolio to clients by acting as a financial gatekeeper. The practice is associated with strong local and offshore financial products and institutions, resulting in the ability to offer unique solutions to clients.

            Salvo Capital supports and embraces the strong statutory regulations which govern the South African financial services sector as this underscores the practice’s intent towards integrity. In this regard, Salvo Capital’s advisors purposefully explain the operations of the financial services sector to clients as the practice sees this as an act of education that will enhance the image of the financial services sector.

            Salvo Capital has a strong and loyal client base which in itself attests to the practice’s intent in building respectful, trustworthy long-term relationships with individuals.

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            Operating Principles

            Our values are made tangible through our actions. At Salvo Capital all our decisions and actions are guided by the following principles:

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            • Each client is an individual with individual circumstances that will require bespoke solutions.
            • We understand that managing a client’s finances carries with it an emotional responsibility.
            • We will always take the ethical route, whether in representing the practice, acting on behalf of our clients or operating within the statutory framework of the financial services sector.
            • Educating clients about financial stability is an investment that will benefit all role-players.
            • We strive towards continuously educating ourselves in order to provide clients with the best possible advice and service.
            • While being purposefully focused on details, we also keep an eye on the bigger picture.
            • While being a compass during smooth sailing, we also strive towards being an anchor during turbulent times.
            • Our actions as inspired by our values should also be reflected inwardly in terms of staff and other stakeholders’ personal, career and financial growth.
            • We are serious about appointing professional and administrative staff that share our values and who will contribute towards the vision and mission of the company.
            • Our advisors have a personal responsibility to go above and beyond in keeping abreast of the latest developments in terms of financial practice as well as global financial and economic developments.
            • We have a moral obligation to provide our clients with trustworthy, strategic advice.
            • We are acutely aware that clients are not buying our services or products; they are buying since we the people, make the practice.

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