Employee Benefits

Theo Oosthuizen, Director of Salvo Capital, is also a Trustee and a Key Individual of Salvo Capital Employee Benefits Trust where a specialist employee benefits consulting service is provided. As an independent Financial Services Provider, Salvo Capital Employee Benefits provides various retirement products from different administration companies. When recommending a reputable Fund Administrator to an employer, we look for a product that is highly flexibility, transparent, easy to use and that offers the best value for money.

Furthermore, the product must allow individuals the flexibility to choose the best retirement, insurance and investment solutions for themselves to tailor their retirement funding as well as risk requirements. The chosen retirement fund must therefore allow employers and members to control their own destiny.

Salvo Capital Employee Benefits Trust manages outsourced employee benefits to selected Product Providers to ensure the best group risk cover, supplementary benefits and retirement options with market related rates and fees to our clients. Employers are kept updated with constant changes in the industry and we assist our clients with interpretation of legislation, i.e. the Pension Funds Act and fund rules and regulations.

Salvo Capital Employee Benefits Trust consults to various Pension- and Provident Funds and Corporate Retirement Annuities underwritten and administered by Old Mutual Corporate, Sanlam Employee Benefits, Liberty Corporate, Momentum Funds at Work,Alexander Forbes, Allan Gray, Capital Alliance.

Salvo Capital is also registered as an Investment Manager with the Financial Services Board and may therefore provide an investment consulting service to employers and members associated with Salvo Capital Employee Benefits Trust. Salvo Capital therefore assists employers and employees with risk profiles and investment strategies which form an integral part of retirement planning.