Emotional Investing

May 1

“If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money” – Warren Buffet Most investors know that emotion affects the way in which investment decisions are made – and that greed and fear play a large role in driving investment markets. The actions of many investors are based on feelings rather than facts. They may make […]

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What to do in a crisis

Apr 14

A man named Rahm Emanuel once said: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”. What does this quote mean for investor’s? True investment opportunities seldomly occurs when asset prices are at all time highs. The real buying opportunity comes when assets are “on sale”, as Warren Buffet loves to say. These “sales” occur when […]

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Budgeting for the lockdown

Mar 26

A fortunate group of South Africans will receive their salaries in the next couple of days, while others need to find alternative ways of sustaining themselves during this challenging time. Whether you’re part of the first or second group, it’s imperative that you carefully consider your finances before making any rash decisions. Here are five […]

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Epidemics and Investing

Mar 11

Public health outbreaks and epidemics like the recent coronavirus can quickly scare investors and, eventually, affect economies and businesses. Coronavirus market sell-off If one couples a potential global pandemic with overvalued developed equity markets, there is only one obvious outcome – a sell off. Many market participants are calling for synchronised interest rate cuts from central banks […]

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What if you contribute more?

Feb 17

Your tax-deductible contributions to a retirement fund are subject to a maximum of 27.5% of the greater of your taxable income or remuneration, with an annual ceiling of R350 000. Carrie Furman, a tax specialist at Allan Gray, says that although most of us may find it difficult to get anywhere near these limits, there […]

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to Airbnb or not to Airbnb

Jan 31

Are homeowners correctly insured when offering modern accommodation type options to their Guests? In recent years many homeowners have decided to benefit from modern accommodation options. They have made their homes available to couch surfers, made money by registering the property and “renting it out” as an Airbnb, or gained some accommodation points by making […]

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It’s time for a financial detox

Jan 23

It involves looking for ways to save more and ensuring that you are doing so for the things that matter to you. The word detox can be quite daunting especially when the goal is to start the year with a clean slate. Yet more so than before, people are looking at detoxing and simplifying their […]

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Your relationship with money in 2020

Jan 9

Whether you’re spending too much, or too little…. A budget is one of the most powerful tools in managing your personal finances. It is also, for many people, one of the least attractive. Budgets can feel restrictive and demanding. Tracking every rand that goes in or out of your wallet suits some personalities, but it […]

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Prep like a Pro

Dec 6

Top risk and insurance tips for the holidays As the excitement of heading off for some much needed R&R sets in, take some time out from the shopping, travel arrangements and last minute work wrap-ups –  to secure your home, assets and loved ones before you head off for the holidays. Criminals never take a […]

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When in doubt – Insure

Nov 7

Inform your insurer if your insured property is to be “Unoccupied”! The contract between you and your insurer is one made in “Good Faith”. Your insurer deserves to be alerted to any changes in the risk associated with the cover provided – and the insured client deserves to be covered for any damages if he/she […]

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